Beginning a universe

Recently I’ve begun working on the planning stages of the survival world that will eventually be added to the server, and I would like to share what I have so far. It’s not much, but I believe that my progress speaks for itself. My plan is simple: create a survival experience unlike anything that has been seen on a vanilla server before.

Imagine exploring through biomes even more exotic and beautiful then even 1.18 terrain generation, and each location filled with tons of new animals and life. Dozens of new sights to behold. But why stop at just one planet? What about four or five, each one unique and different from each other? When I first began playing Minecraft back in 1.7 or so, I would up in the middle of a world at night with no idea what anything did. Of course, I died immediately. But it was that feeling of the unknown that really captured my interest in the game, and it’s that feeling that pushes me forward to create things that haven’t been done before. And it’s that feeling that I hope to recreate in the new survival solar system.

I don’t have much to really show right now, but I do have one image. One of the things that I want to add is hundreds of new blocks, and this is where that process begins. When I have more solid plans, I will write about them; but for now, here is a teaser of what is to come. (Please keep in mind that these are all practice models, but they are paving the way for what I hope to be a truly incredible experience.)

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